Saturday, June 19, 2010

Finding a Bridge to Sanity

Hmmmmm.....So where to start?

     After nearly 8 years of being an "at home" mom, I (like many other moms in 2008) was nudged to rejoin the workforce.    I received an email that the local cable provider was hiring Customer Service Reps and jumped at the opportunity.  This should be fun, right?  A steady little income for myself, good benefits, adult conversation, and a chance to lessen the load on my wonderful hubby!  Ha!  Boy was I wrong!  Well...not completely, the job afforded me all those things.  However, I soon learned how much I did NOT enjoy punching a clock, being monitored, selling goods I myself had  zero interest in, apologizing for some other idiots mistakes,  and for heaven's sake committing to being on time everyday!!!  Fast forward 6 months.  

     Although, I'd met a few co-workers who made the days quite enjoyable, I still wasn't exactly thrilled to come to work everyday.  I guess I was spoiled because 5 days per week seemed a bit excessive!  LOL.  My husband had only requested I work  6 months and then I could resign and stay at home with our two boys again.  Now that the time had come for me to possibly quit there was a new variable...You guessed it moolah! I hate to admit it but I became accustomed to our two person income.  The sound of a couple extra dollars rustling around in my pockets was a sweet one.  So I had to really consider, was work really so bad that I would give that up.  I mean, I guess I could deal with the daily grind for the sake of my checkbook, right?  So I did.  (Damn, that evil dollar bill!)   I decided to stay , but I'd need to distract myself from all the things I didn't like about work with my knitting and crocheting.  Seriously, that would be the only way for me to stay sane!

       I started bringing 1 or 2 skeins of yarn to work and working up  hat and scarf sets here and there.  These were easy because they didn't require patterns and I could do them while I worked without totally spacing out on my customers.  But as you may know, the typical hat and scarf can get a little boring and uneventful after so many.  So I started working on elaborate knitted cable patterns, which caused me to constantly ask my customers to, "hold"  while I searched for my place in the pattern.  Well obviously, my supervisor wasn't too happy about that, so I needed to find another way to maintain my sanity.  Enter: Amigurumi!  My 1 or 2 skeins turned into a rubber storage bin filled with colorful skeins of yarn and a few back up size "D" crochet hooks.  My amigurumi patterns are all simple and because they finish quick, I never get bored with them.  For the first time in my yarn-working life, I finish just about everything I start!   My workdays are soooo much easier now!  I'm not as drained when I get home and don't tell my husband but, sometimes I'm excited to go if I'm finishing up another fun project!  

Long story short: Crafting my amigurumis is my bridge to sanity even when it seems I'm dealing with the insane!  Let me share them with you!  :)



  1. Hi Cousin! I love your creativity with your crochet characters! I'm looking forward to owning some of your creations one day very soon! LoL! Congrats on your Blog page. Peace & Blessings, A'Nisaa~

  2. Love the blog and your work! I'm going to add you link to my blog.

  3. As Salaam Alaikum Sis...Great Work!!!

  4. Love it! I gotta place an order for something niyah related :)

  5. You're so creative! I never knew you were so talented! Lol. Jk. But really ;)


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