Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Distracted From the Dolls for a Sec

Seriously! How am I supposed to focus on just one type of project when there are just way too many fun things to crochet?!? I've been trying very hard to focus on my amigurumi projects, but lately I've been finding inspiration to so so many other things. The latest is crochet jewelry...rings in particular. They're fun and super fast to work up. Plus, I figure I can make some to go with just about every outfit in my closet!!! I'm sure I'll be working up some earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to match! Anyways, where's my focus?!? I gotta finish the amigurumi book! Check these rings out and tell me what you think or suggest some other designs, too!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Buddy Max the Chimp

Often times I make up dolls at work just kind of "as I go".  But with this one, I decided I was going to actually make a pattern and not just a doll.  So after watching a show about people who'd been injured by their pet chimps, I decided I'd make the safest pet chimp one could ever own!  It's been exciting trying to take note of everything I do to him and even more interesting trying to figure out exactly how I want everything to look.  He's just about done but, I haven't figured out how I'd like his hands to look. I figured I should take my time and really think about it because I'd previously made him shoes, which my 5 year old pointed out was ridiculous since chimps need their feet free to grab and climb trees!   Duh?!?!?!  Of course I had to go back and make him little monkey feet.  :)


This is my version of a Little Kitty pattern I found on They have a link to the pdf pattern there. It is the very first amigurumi doll I ever made from a pattern. I love the way it turned out and it was a super quick easy project too!

Finding a Bridge to Sanity

Hmmmmm.....So where to start?

     After nearly 8 years of being an "at home" mom, I (like many other moms in 2008) was nudged to rejoin the workforce.    I received an email that the local cable provider was hiring Customer Service Reps and jumped at the opportunity.  This should be fun, right?  A steady little income for myself, good benefits, adult conversation, and a chance to lessen the load on my wonderful hubby!  Ha!  Boy was I wrong!  Well...not completely, the job afforded me all those things.  However, I soon learned how much I did NOT enjoy punching a clock, being monitored, selling goods I myself had  zero interest in, apologizing for some other idiots mistakes,  and for heaven's sake committing to being on time everyday!!!  Fast forward 6 months.  

     Although, I'd met a few co-workers who made the days quite enjoyable, I still wasn't exactly thrilled to come to work everyday.  I guess I was spoiled because 5 days per week seemed a bit excessive!  LOL.  My husband had only requested I work  6 months and then I could resign and stay at home with our two boys again.  Now that the time had come for me to possibly quit there was a new variable...You guessed it moolah! I hate to admit it but I became accustomed to our two person income.  The sound of a couple extra dollars rustling around in my pockets was a sweet one.  So I had to really consider, was work really so bad that I would give that up.  I mean, I guess I could deal with the daily grind for the sake of my checkbook, right?  So I did.  (Damn, that evil dollar bill!)   I decided to stay , but I'd need to distract myself from all the things I didn't like about work with my knitting and crocheting.  Seriously, that would be the only way for me to stay sane!

       I started bringing 1 or 2 skeins of yarn to work and working up  hat and scarf sets here and there.  These were easy because they didn't require patterns and I could do them while I worked without totally spacing out on my customers.  But as you may know, the typical hat and scarf can get a little boring and uneventful after so many.  So I started working on elaborate knitted cable patterns, which caused me to constantly ask my customers to, "hold"  while I searched for my place in the pattern.  Well obviously, my supervisor wasn't too happy about that, so I needed to find another way to maintain my sanity.  Enter: Amigurumi!  My 1 or 2 skeins turned into a rubber storage bin filled with colorful skeins of yarn and a few back up size "D" crochet hooks.  My amigurumi patterns are all simple and because they finish quick, I never get bored with them.  For the first time in my yarn-working life, I finish just about everything I start!   My workdays are soooo much easier now!  I'm not as drained when I get home and don't tell my husband but, sometimes I'm excited to go if I'm finishing up another fun project!  

Long story short: Crafting my amigurumis is my bridge to sanity even when it seems I'm dealing with the insane!  Let me share them with you!  :)

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