Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Distracted From the Dolls for a Sec

Seriously! How am I supposed to focus on just one type of project when there are just way too many fun things to crochet?!? I've been trying very hard to focus on my amigurumi projects, but lately I've been finding inspiration to so so many other things. The latest is crochet jewelry...rings in particular. They're fun and super fast to work up. Plus, I figure I can make some to go with just about every outfit in my closet!!! I'm sure I'll be working up some earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to match! Anyways, where's my focus?!? I gotta finish the amigurumi book! Check these rings out and tell me what you think or suggest some other designs, too!

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  1. Such beautiful rings! What a great idea. I know what you mean by sooooo many different things to create and wanting to make more than one thing at a time, lol. I may have to give the rings a try as well. I love the colors and styles you made. Great work!!!


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